About us


      Relax! Let our tools do the job.



For almost 10 years Nexxtools has been run as a family business based in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Challenges that go beyond selling high quality tools.

Together with you, we are developing forward-looking solutions for instrument ments, processing strategies and process optimization for technology of tomorrow.

To reduce your component costs, we take a holistic approach to your processes, picking up where others leave off and de-expand the boundaries of feasi-


Trust the experts with more than 20 years of experience in machining technology. Specialists with state-of-the-art

equipment for tool development, design and production.

The business model, where we cooperate only with retailers, gives significant advantages to both distributors and end users. There are competent partners all over the world, and our team in Bulgaria can concentrate on what is important to all our customers - delivering the highest quality.

We offer quality, nothing else!


We look forward to realizing exciting new projects with you!

Our strength:


- Development and production of special combination tools with interchangeable carbide and PKD inserts.


More and more customers from industrial segments such as automotive, agricultural machinery, hydraulic component manufacturing, engine and transmission manufacturing and others are using this type of tooling to reduce machining time and tooling costs.




-Innovative, precise and patented quick-change stationary and rotary holder system for Swiss Type lathes, saving hours of machine set-up labor.


After two years of development, our team successfully secured a patent for quick-change system for Swiss Type lathes, featuring high precision and flexibility.

-High pressure through tool cooling systems for Swiss Type lathes, extending tool life many times over.


-High quality carbide inserts - Nexxtools product range consists of precision high quality tools for grooving, cutting and turning, threading, machining of hard materials .


This product line also includes several single-edge to four-edge systems or modular systems, as well as custom solutions that are manufactured to customer request.




The carbide inserts are coated with the latest generation of special coatings enabling the machining of stainless materials, difficult to machine materials such as nickel alloys and hardened materials. High quality is our standard and philosophy!